Patrick Tate: I've had hunters hang deer carcasses forbidding wildlife entries. Theres probably 100 in Connecticut, Ottmann interrupted, rolling a cigarette as he spoke. A: It is less common than many other invasives but is found here in the Berkshires. Sam Evans-Brown: Well and I think and the last takeaway here is everyone I think probably agrees that any possible sightings that have been seen. We'll be right back. Is there a way we can learn more about these dispersing mountain lions that may travel through the Granite State and that I would ask you certainly part about whether or not a he's spending too much time chasing down these kind of false leads or B would rather be doing something else that is more informative to whether or not we actually have or can prove that we have dispersing mountain lions in the state. We're gonna talk about sightings in this part of the program as well we'd love to hear your story. There was the vaguest of trails, crisscrossed by deadfalls and a sharp-thorned bush that soon drew blood from Ottmanns right hand. Bearded, bowler hat, expression impenetrable behind facial hair and the stoicism of an earlier era. Morse is a Vermont-based naturalist and the founder of Keeping Track, a nonprofit that trains people in the scientific protocols needed to detect, interpret, record, and monitor wildlife tracks and signs. Think you've seen a mountain lion. Or years or so. Some page levels are currently hidden. Peter Biello: This is the exchange on an HP yard today we're talking about the mysterious elusive majestic Mystic Mountain Lion. I believe I saw one that's fine and I'm not looking for an immediate story. Well they are the same. Peter Biello: Yeah well what do you think Pat is. I'm Peter Biello in for Laura NOI. Caller: It had to be a mountain lion convinced I was about 30. Mountain lion sightings in New Hampshire have increased along with the bobcat population, said Tate. The term is because mascots notwithstanding right that they're referred to with a lot of different terms and sometimes they can be confused with a lot of different terms. There's a lot of photographs that you can see that it's very clearly a tabby cat that someone has thought was a mountain lion. Peter Biello: Hmm. ml central ma. She quotes a biologist in Lyme New Hampshire who who is keeping two mountain lions himself so in the not too distant past in the early nineteen hundreds it was perhaps more common and still in Maine. Peter Biello: Mm hmm. Which which I think Pat and I have both experienced. Sam Evans-Brown: So I just had two thoughts which is that we hear a lot of these stories and all of us here have heard these stories. People even report House Cats as mountain lions in a surprising number of cases. He knew it was only a matter of time. Really appreciate you guys being here as well. Because while male cougars eventually strike out on their own and occasionally wander far from home, females are, as Morse puts it, hardwired to remain close to their mothers home range. It's not an emerging endangered species no work no there are there are populations in specific states so the Florida panther is is an endangered species that sub population is in fact listed under the Endangered Species Act. N.H.'s Fish and Game department says there's no proof mountain lions live in the state, yet residents from Bedford to Berlin have been reporting sightings for years. And so when they come to him with a sighting, hes prepared to believe. ghost, Re(1): didnt win the pwrball. You need you need either a really good photograph or you need you know fresh scat that can be sent to a lab out West that can they can be identified there. I noticed it had a really big sweeping tail that kind of curled up behind it and all but still at that point because everyone says there's no mountain lions here. Today, mountain lions are found in the mountainous regions of the West. Were arrogant if we think were the only species that makes decisions based on fear, he told me when I called him at his home in Oregon. We did a short segment about mountain lion sightings earlier this year and and after which I was sent a photo and also a video recording that was mostly just audio because it was so dark the photo just a quick reverse Google image search you can put images online and see where else where else they've been posted revealed that the photo had been taking out taken out in Wyoming and has been used you know hundreds of times to claim and the person who sent it to me said it had been taken New Hampshire. The Connecticut mountain lion is the best documented wild Mountain Lion in New England. Even in the controlled environment of a lab, the truth about Eastern cougars seems to be almost willfully eluding its seekers. Evidence considered could include "the body of a dead mountain lion or a live wild-captured animal; photos or video, in which a mountain lion can be identified and MassWildlife can confirm the location; DNA evidence from hair, scat, etc. And I saw you cat about four feet long from nose to tail come across from the water across the road and just leap over a six foot perimeter fence in a single bound. We have evidence and as biologists we would find it quite exciting to find that evidence of one in the state. So for me as a person who's had the Bobcats right off my grits similar carries sticks to a bobcat The Long Tail obviously very different but those facial markings were overlapping for me. By now, I knew the answer to that one. The USDA's Forest Service Wildlife Genetics Laboratory found that the animal came from South Dakota. Sam Evans-Brown: But I mean the video I had been sent was you know a recording of a animal growling but it was in slow motion and when I asked the person why is this in slow motion the denied that it was so there's a lot of weird stuff that happens in regards to people claiming they've seen they've seen these things. Yet this young male traveled about 1,800 miles. These tracks may have been made by the mountain lion documented in Greenwich, Connecticut on June 5, 2011, and killed by a vehicle six days later. The feedback will only be used for improving the website. And boy it was big it had to be at least 200 pounds the thing was you and and it just made a little bit of noise and it was gone. So here in New Hampshire when a person turns in something that the Department believes is possible mountain lion and believes it should be investigated further. Groton Mass Rail trail sighting - By Erica September 25, 2014 at 02:17:51 AM. Peter Biello: They make great mascots at least. There was no sign of it. What set it off was a National Geographic special on mountain lions in California, right after my daughter and I had two encounters in my driveway, Betty told me. I wasn't employed as biologists at the time of a situation that's been reported but so I started digging into this report and spoke with another wildlife biologist with the agency and said Do you know anything about this. Because they are.. So we're fixated on natural but there's other possibilities. I think that you probably are. So there is definitely no downward pressure by anyone. Rick van de Poll: Oh yeah absolutely. The tail leave is a giveaway but not everybody gets to see the tail. Hes also unafraid to take unpopular positions when he deems it necessary: Shortly before our meeting, hed signed a petition in favor of keeping ATVs off public roads. Peter Biello: Well yeah. I mean they're a survivor. So now what's going on. I couldnt tell you how happy I would be if mountain lions were actually recolonizing the state of Connecticut, Hawley says, but its just not happening., Hawley spoke about bobcats, mountain lions and bears on The Colin McEnroe Show: Megafauna mania: our obsession with mountain lions and other large predators.. We rely on readers like you to support the local, national, and international coverage on this website. What color was it? I've seen him in the woods and that was not a bobcat but I was looking at. Harrigan nodded. Sam Evans-Brown: One in fact Helena silver in that sort of tome that Rick van de Poll read from at the beginning is she. And the clincher, What would you say was the most distinguishing feature? So I don't understand really how how this this idea came to be but it is the main reason why folks believe that fishing game is is covering up the fact that there are mountain lions in the state again with no evidence. It may not surprise you to learn that I was quite intrigued by this third group. So for those reasons I don't believe the standards are too high the amount of game cameras out on the landscape to record images department alone through contracts had over 150 throughout the state biologists go through various deer yards throughout the year. Patrick Tate: I've from all the situations I've read and learned about wildlife. And there are different schools of thought about that. All they think it traveled north through Canada up you know crossed across the Great Lakes and then and then down again through New York State. And even the home entries are kind of changing. Patrick Tate: Yes. I'm gonna send you a letter that we researched this report and we spoke with those labs and the lab wrote in their letter to us that they could only say that Scott contained white Tea Party fur and that they could not say what deposited the scout because it's far too degraded listeners we'd love to hear from you about your mountain lion sightings if you have seen one or if you if you think you have give us a call we'd love to hear your story 1 800 8 9 2 6 4 7 7. You could have 50. So I did a bunch of research and all the documentation I found was there art are not any pieces of DNA of Eastern online. Caller: It had just left that field and was out. Thank you in advance., Thomas P. wrote, I never thought coltsfoot was invasive. No that's a little bit outside the range. So let's let's go to the phones. Indeed, one of her steadiest sources of funding for Keeping Track is a presentation on cougars that has been known to draw more than 500 audience members. That's what we're seeing is dispersing mountain lions from the West who are just making their way through. Anytime at any HP broad dot org or subscribe to our podcast search Apple podcasts Google Play or stitcher for an HP bar exchange. A NatureWatch reader asks if a big cat they saw during a recent walk on October Mountain could be a mountain lion, like the one seen in this image from Pixabay. There, too, is Crowells photograph, grainy and old: the hunter leaning against a tree stump, his head propped casually on his left hand, elbow to stump, shotgun cradled in the crook of his right arm. That animal had come from South Dakota, traveling more than 1,500 miles to get to New England.. It was a flooded area. Mountain lions remain an enigmatic animal for residents of New Hampshire, with New Hampshire Fish and Game reporting three to five sightings per week. The big cat has been extinct here since the mid-1800s. Here's where sightings have occurred since. Mistaken reports of mountain lions are most commonly bobcats. Coyotes have been mistaken for mountain lions. Patrick Tate: It became a very interesting investigation over time because it started becoming. So when we hear mountain lion there's also cougar there's wild cat there's Bobcat which is not a mountain lion maybe Patrick could you sort of spell out the different terms which are synonymous and which are completely different animals. Rick shaking his head so Rick now correct me please. It is considered an invasive species brought by early settlers from Europe (my guess Great Britain) for medicinal purposes and grown for a variety of ailments, among them in those days, leprosy. There have been several sightings of mountain lions in New Hampshire recently. Shop. I just saw the head and the tail that was leaving. McEnroe: It is an uphill challenge. Right. It was some sort of a Lion Mountain Lion animal. The truth is, I was by this point dubious. NHPR is nonprofit and independent. What's interesting about Bobcats is here in the Northeast we have some very large bobcats. Re(3): Webster update - Misunderstanding. It's one piece that he wrote, that I have used in discussing the possibility of hard-to-believe sightings and I quote, People are always hopeful that what they have seen is something unusual, rather than just common and mundane.. It is a gravel road and when the plows clear the road in the winter (or grade it in summer) they spread the invasive all along the edge. Well I can't tell you what you saw. I can't. If you would like to continue helping us improve, join our user panel to test new features for the site. A lock icon ( Tracking experts Paul Rezendes, Charles Worsham, George Leoniak, and Dr. Mark Elbroch examined the photos. Three females confirmed well ahead of predictioins, Re(1): Major news! There are always rumors about what state fish and wildlife agencies in the eastern United States know about mountain lions. The second story window through about 30 feet away from it. Rick van de Poll: 80 90. You treat it as if it's a sincere situation. Known to exist in the state for over well over a hundred years. There was a lot of DNA evidence. I was aware, too, of how a certain mythology surrounding the animal had taken root in Vermonts culture and even its identity: The University of Vermonts athletic teams, for instance, are known as the Vermont Catamounts, and their logo features a snarling cat lunging through the cleft of a V.. Peter Biello: We at this e-mailed comment from Michael. So hard to know hard to refute if there's no interest in making up a story which many people of course do then I would respond the same way as Pat did. Thanks for a great thanks. The next week, on June 11, the cat was hit and killed by an SUV on the Wilbur Cross Parkway in Milford. There's always been physical evidence to prove those situations like hair or fur scat hair prints pictures of the animal print scat hair. Thanks for calling. I started asking a lot of questions, and realized theres only one explanation for the answers I was getting: They are here., You could have 30 in Connecticut alone. 50 feet above the most. The big cat has been extinct at least the eastern mountain lion has been extinct here since the mid 80s hundreds. MassWildlifecannot investigate or confirm mountain lion reports without any evidence. Now and then MassWildlife gets a report with a photo of a mountain lion. There was a tin of American Spirit tobacco on the table (Ottmanns), a laptop (Bettys), a notebook (mine), and a tumbler of Bacardi and Coke (Ottmanns again). A monthly donation of $5 makes a real difference. County road and all of a sudden a big cat jumps out of the woods over a stone wall stood in the middle of the dirt road as I rode towards it. So its this gathering storm. But no proof was offered. OK. That location they just described we had two or three Bobcats radio collared on just off the runway in Laconia airport. 172. Patrick Tate: So one thing I'd say is DNA would definitely identify an animal animal's Mark line or not. Thom Smith answers readers' questions about mourning dove sounds, when bird feeders can be put out again and where bats go during the colder months. Colin McEnroe is a radio host, newspaper columnist, magazine writer, author, playwright, lecturer, moderator, college instructor and occasional singer. We live around Cold Springs Campground and it was undeniably a mountain lion. Want to put this to to Patrick Tate who may have heard some some info or info from listeners like you about these these these cats. Today on the exchange we discuss what residents may have been seeing and what breeding mountain lion pairs would mean for our ecosystem. Can we go to the site. There's no logic for why they'd be listed as an endangered species.
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